Stanford University in the Year 2100

September 20, 2023

During the current rise and hype of AI and AGI, I have just arrived at one of the epicenters of this emerging technological revolution. Knowing that I would be spending my next few years here, I was truly amazed and inspired during my first days on the Stanford campus to think about what people might be studying here in the year 2100, when AGI has arrived and there may no longer be a need to study the laws of physics, biology, engineering, or the ancient Greeks.

It is the year 2100. AGI and the singularity have long since occurred and passed — and are as commonplace as printing a book or taking a hot shower.

What will people study in the year 2100, and what will be worth pursuing from both an individualistic — just for the spark of joy — and a societal perspective?

I experimented with four different art styles and created a collection for each of them to set the stage and give some vibes for such a hypothetical outcome:

  • Stanford (Moebius Version) — Famous French artist Moebius (aka Jean Giraud) has already inspired me countless times. The aesthetics of his graphic novels are simply indescribable.
  • Stanford (Horizon Version) — I rarely find the time to play video games, but when I do, I really enjoy long journeys in story mode. Horizon Zero Dawn was one of the most impressive games I played in that vein, and the stage it sets in a post-apocalyptic atmosphere is simply breathtaking.
  • Stanford (Ghibli Version) — Japanese collective Studio Ghibli needs no introduction. We all know their masterpieces. Unfortunately, getting the scene in the desired art style didn't work out as well as it did with the other three experiments! Maybe more to come here...
  • Stanford (Fallout Version) — Another game i truly enjoyed back in 2015 is Fallout 4. The post-apocalyptic aesthetic is just so unique. Dusty, dirty, but somehow mystically hopeful.

In case you were wondering how I got these incredible drawing skills. I didn't. It's all SDXL's work. The prompt was more challenging than I first thought. It took me several hours to materialize what I had in mind. But the results are VERY impressive in my opinion. This is the worst it will ever get. 2023. Think about that. Welcome to AGI.