Hi, I'm Martin Juan José Bucher, an interdisciplinary software craftsman, designer & maker.

I'm currently living and studying in Zurich to get my Bachelor of Science in Informatics at the University of Zurich.

My ambition is to create an intuitive user experience in the digital landscape, driven by good information architecture, great design and well crafted products.

Along with deepening my knowledge in the field of computer science, I build some cool stuff at Tinystudio, explore hidden spots in Zurich and read (quite irregularly) a lot on Medium.

I'm also a very passionate outdoor enthusiast. Cycling, hiking, bodies of water, night skies and our blue planet are also things that really keep me going.

There are many places you can go from here. You can check out some Projects I have done so far or code I'm sharing on Github.

Sometimes (but not very often), I share some sneak peaks from current projects on Dribbble.

You can catch me on Twitter, Instagram and Telegram or reach me via good old electronic .