Martin Juan José Bucher is an interdisciplinary Computer Scientist, Software Engineer, and Maker currently based in Zürich, CH. His recent interests revolve primarily around the intersection of Machine Perception, Human-Computer Interaction, Deep Learning, and Computer Vision. He has further started to work on problems synthesizing ideas from Generative Modeling and Generative Design within the field of Architecture, Construction, and Engineering (AEC). Martin holds an MSc in Computer Science from ETH Zurich and a BSc in Informatics from UZH.

In the past, Martin has worked on and published various projects on his own and has further been on a journey with Tinystudio, a company he co-founded back in 2012. Since February 2021, he is also working as a Research Assistant at the Chair for International Relations and Political Economy, mainly working on Natural Language Processing (NLP) problems within the Disintegration project.

Besides all this, Martin has started mixing music he finds interesting and is further trying to step into photography as well. You can find a sparse selection from his photographic archive on Instagram. He can also be found on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Telegram. If you want to reach him in a timely manner, good old email usually works best:

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