Martin Juan José Bucher

Hi, I'm Martin Juan José Bucher, an interdisciplinary software engineer and maker. I'm currently living and studying in Zurich, working toward my MSc in Computer Science at ETH Zurich.

My recent interests revolve primarily around the intersection of Machine Perception, Human-Computer Interaction, Deep Learning, and Computer Vision. I'm particularly interested in new ways to think about the interface between human and machine and on completely new approaches technology allows us to interact with the hybrid world of physical and digital entities around us.

Along with deepening the knowledge acquired through my studies, I build some stuff at Tinystudio and on my own, explore quite irregularly new spots in Zurich and also started mixing music I like a lot.

Since February 2021 I also started to work as a Student Research Assistant on the Disintegration Project at the Department of Political Science at UZH under the supervision of Prof. Stefanie Walter. Disintegration's main objective is to conduct a broad, systematic, and comparative inquiry into the mass politics of disintegration.

Beside all this, I'm trying to step into photography as well. You'll soon find a collection of my favorite shots from the last couple of years here.

So what's next, you may ask yourself? Well, since you have already found my website in this deep wilderness known as the World Wide Web, why not keep connected?

Catch me on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Telegram — or reach me out via good old electronic mail:

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